Monday, February 8, 2010

Candida..The Unwanted Friend

Where to start... 10 years ago I began a journey I had not wished for or even asked for, let alone wanted. Candida became a friend to me. One I would prefer to have left somewhere else but sure enough it chose me to attach itself to and make its permanent home. Ahhh.

So through tears, doctors appointment, medicine that worked temporarily, and pain I have struggled with this unwanted friend.

How did this happen to me is what is usually asked? Well. I was antibiotics from 6th grade through 12th grade non stop for acne, progressively going through each antibiotic available as my body became immune to the last. Spending a LOT of my parents money too I might add. Not one doctor was smart enough to share the long term affects with me or even suggest acidophiles to counteract what I was doing. No one should be on meds that long anyhow! Never was diet changes suggested or any other natural remedy. Oh how medical care and times have changed.

So after I had my last baby via c-section and while I was on the table, I had a tubal. My body went into shock from the change and the Candida went crazy! It was like an open invitation to invade every part of me and it did. Yeah.. did I mention I HATE Tubals!

A few years back I went on a Candida/parasite cleanse and felt amazing for the first time in years. I did a marathon not too long after that with a friend and was a tiny 6 again. Over time I reintroduced breads, carbs, sugars back into my diet and not only did I gain my weight back I had lost, the Candida went bizerk. I have been spirally down for two years really. We ate comfort food here (all the time) adjusting to the cold and life of Colorado. My body ached, my brain was fuzzy, my mood off..especially for the last weeks before Mother Nature came to visit.

Enough already, right? I agree wholeheartedly! My sister in marriage introduced me the the McCombs Plan 4 weeks ago. I said, "Hey, I gotta do something and this looks like I can actually eat!" So, I bought my herbs, fresh food, and started this journey to health once again. Oh, I also have a great, really GREAT, female doctor who took my problem seriously and in combination of healthy foods I am taking, on an as needed basis, Fluconzale. She is retesting me regularly and we are working on a solution together.

I feel so good. I can think clearly and though I absolutely want chocolate daily still, I'm making it. Fresh pineapple has become my sweet substitute. So I now have to decide once.and.for.all not to ever go back on bread, limit my sugar intake to special occasions, and choose to eat this way for the rest of my life. I am slowly shrinking again.. one day those 6's will call my name from the closet but to wake up every morning without the aches and yuckiness from Candida makes me want to sing! Soon I hope to get my long time friend a packin' and no longer be bound from that unwanted friend.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Tina! So glad to hear that it is working! Keep up the good work!~ Love you and miss you!

blessedmomto8 said...

WOW! You are so strong but I totally understand your no bread if you suffer with that Candida-Through HIM all things are possible friend!

Reg said...

Yea for you! Maybe we should look at that program, for better health. We started juicing again today! Baby steps....