Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's My Birthday... I Never Would Have Imagined

 I treated myself to an early birthday day present this morning, an extra 30 minutes of sleep, and this gift was waiting for me when I left just beckoning for a picture. A layer of fog settled over the valley showing the beginnings of fall. Amazing.
 When I arrived to class this morning the children greeted me with joy and lots of "Happy Birthdays!" Our amazing parents and their kiddos blessed me with a yummy spread and gifts abound.I could only keep saying, "Oh, Thank you." In my mind, I was going back a year. I was trying to finish up my last semester at Regis so I could try even harder to find a job that would allow our children to have financial assistance for college. Who knew God's plan included so many little people and their parents! I am overwhelmed.

This is my amazing 5th grade team. We were blessed with a meal to celebrate the September birthdays! I really love these ladies!

Not only did I receive special treatment at school, but at home my man made the BEST dinner...steak, bacon mashers, amazing veggies, and this.... this wine. Oh baby, it is one of THE best wines I've had in a loooong time!

And.... this sunset, umm yep, mine. God painted on my behalf, don't ya know. :)

Only thing missing today, my sister. We share a birthday together only three years apart.We love spending time together and one day we will celebrate together again. Until then.... Happy Birthday!

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