Monday, September 5, 2011

Estes Park 2011

Time for one last hurrah this summer with our Vintage. We took advantage of the long weekend and went up to Estes Park with some dear friends. At first we were hesitant given our busy schedule now a days but it turned out to be a great weekend. The sun shone, the nights weren't too cold, and the fellowship sweet.

Our camping buddies, John and Amanda. We love these guys and their kiddos!

We went off-roading in our Fj's. I really love going off the beaten path and seeing places we can't otherwise. We stopped a vista point and grabbed our lunches. All that rumbling around deserves some good food.

Miss Kayleigh came along this trip. We love having her around! Kayleigh is from England and is a part of our youth leadership this year. We hope to take her to more fun out-tings in Colorado. :)

Great views behind us, don't ya say? I have been so crazy busy that Amanda and I hardly ever catch up anymore. It took getting out of town to actually get in a conversation. Unfortunately, Amanda was in pain with her ear this weekend. She hung in there though and thanked Tylenol for being in existence.

Two awesome trucks... they did so well off roading. Gotta love Toyota!

And then there's this beast. We were enjoying our time off-roading and all of a sudden, around the corner comes this thing full of people. We had to laugh. Someone is making some bucks. Lina thought we should cut the top off our Fj and do the same thing. Ba haha!

Kayleigh and Boo

We went into town one night to grab some grub. Why cook when there's an awesome BBQ just up the street?

My man's main dig.

This is the Stanley Hotel in Estes. The Shining was filmed here and we had to go see it. Oh this place was gorgeous!!! The inside was vintage and just spectacular.

Girlies. I love spending time with these chickies.

Mr. T waited patiently as we went all over this place. I just HAD to see inside! Now I know where I want to go on a weekend away. Hint. Hint.

So we had a wonderful break from the norm. We ate great meals, had some awesome laughs, got sun burned, and came home to piles of laundry. Could we ask for more?

Our camping season is done for 2011. Can't wait until next season.

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