Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Was Not Expected!

A snow day came unexpectedly today and man, were we caught off guard. It was crazy windy last night and the weather people said "flurries" but this! No, this was not in the forecast. I feel sorry for the weather people in Colorado. They never quite get it right. In my new adventure of working full time I decided to be far more intentional with my time. Today was given to Lina. She loves sledding and I love her. A good match!

I haven't been to our infamous sledding hill in a few years so today we broke out the sleds and headed over to Toboggan Hill. Fresh powder and warm clothes, that's all this day required for some fun runs.

My baby is now taller than me! Is it possible already to look UP at my kids instead of down to speak to them? Where did the years go?

I didn't go as fast down the hill as I had planned but I came home uninjured. That's always a good thing if your name is Tina.

 Check out the beauty of God's creation. Spectacular.

One single car on one snowy day in beautiful Colorado. Okay.. so it was cold but still quite beautiful.

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