Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upper Stupid

 I Know, Right? Who names a trail Upper and Lower Stupid? WhAt eVer!

 Now that we got some snow, what better to do than go hiking? The snow settles and the sun comes out. Charley Girl was all over it and blazin' the trail ahead of us.

 Some places along the way were at least 18 inches. We blazed through the snow lifting out knees high. Okay... I lifted my knees high. Try being 5' almost 2" in the snow that's 18 inches.  We hiked and hiked. After a while I started thinking,"I need a vision here. Where are we really going?" Now I love to hike but hiking UP the whole way is NO FUN. It may have been mid 20's outside but I was sweating like a crazy woman. Puff Puff, take a break. Puff Puff, take a break.

Can you say Wow! Go ahead. It's okay. It is a beautiful place.
Oh yes! We made it to the top and the view: breathtaking. We took a minute to take it all in and then headed back down. I like the "heading back down" part. Feeling accomplished and all. We were the only souls on the trail. Someone had paved the way earlier that day (thank you to whoever you are) but by now, we had the quiet of God's creation to ourselves. Charley loved it, running here and there, a true outdoors man, I mean dog. Oh Colorado. Hiking, blue skies, crisp air. And best part of all.. doing it with the man I love.

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