Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vrooom VRooom VROOOMM

Something is in the air. Can you feel it or is it just our home? This year T and I started talking about our "Couple's Bucket List". Now we haven't written it out just yet but two things come to mind that we said we will do. WILL... not, "Oh maybe one day when the kids grow up".

1. Travel more. We are determined to travel more around the world. With three college tuitions this fall we're not quite sure how that will happen, but it's on the list.

2. Go to Sturgis. Okay... I said go to Sturgis, he said ride together in Colorado. All the same, not having a bike kind of made either option impossible. And this put my husband into motion.

Give my man an idea and he will find a solution. Craigslist baby! Shop, shop, shop. We went to motorcycle shops to see what we really liked, the CC's, even the seats. After a few weeks of narrowing down the field, we headed out to buy one.

This fine baby only needs a few minor alterations for us to hit the road. A bigger seat for me; my bootie needs a-bit-more-comfort.  Annnnd wouldn't ya know it, today, of all things, I found out they come HEATED!! AHHHH. We also need to buy some stylin' helmets and a motorcycle license.. for him NOT me. I informed him I was only ever gonna be a passenger and he said,"Ohhh that's all I'll let you be." Oh he knows me well.

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