Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Next Great Baker

Okay so maybe that's an exaggeration but you can't say I don't try.

I've been soooo good on my GF plan, day 21 in fact, and was looking forward to some GF chocolate cake. I followed the instructions explicitly, baked it in 2 pans, let it cool...well, sorta let it cool, and as I was about to stack these delectable layers, envisioning Buddy on Cake Boss doing it so swiftly, they crumbled before my eyes into this heap. It looked more like Mt. Herman out my front window than a two layered round cake.  Did I let that stop me? Ohhh No! I whipped up some homemade chocolate butter cream frosting, poured in on Mt. Herman, and served it with milk.

I'm not sure if it was the cake, me, the milk, or being so disciplined, but my belly ached afterwards. I'm gonna try one more small piece of Mt. Herman today and if it still aches, I suspect it's the sugar.

If you need someone to make you a fantastic birthday cake anytime soon, you may want to ask someone else... unless you're looking for "Free-Form Delights". Then by all means, I'm your gal!

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