Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beach, Book, and Squishing my Toes

Vacation is a synonym for this. I am absolutely sure if you open the dictionary, this is what you would see right after the word VACATION. No words needed, just this picture. Every Christmas season is wonderful in its own right. Family, food, fellowship. But.. there is also busyness, chaos, and lack of sleep. And every January, ok, sooo, only since I visited Maui back some 10 years ago with my husband and sat, read, people watched, and didn't-have-to-speak unless I chose to...

Where was I? Oh yeah, every January, I flop on the bed and say,"I need a vacation." My husband looks at me good and hard thinking,"Isn't that what we just had?" Noooo.. I mean a REAL vacation according to the dictionary. (refer to the picture above in case you missed the OFFICIAL definition.) And so my search has begun. Mexico, Florida, Hawaii.

I saw swimsuits out in the stores yesterday. I let out a little scream. "Oh! I can go find some beach now, even JC Penney's thinks it's time!" Again, my husband grabbed my hand and kept walking. Sweet man. He'll be thrilled when we're sitting on a beach, I am half dressed and not thinking about grabbing a thick blanket, wool socks, and flannel jammies to cover up all the exposed skin.

Margarita anyone?