Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There are certain Rites of Passage each of my children go through...Momma crying over the first lost tooth, Momma taking pictures of the first hair cut, Momma taking you shopping for your first pair of real grown up shoes, Momma watching you learn to ride a bike, ski, skate, cook, you get the picture. Today, well, today was another Rite of Passage in our home. Our last child is ready to have perfectly straight teeth. I know, I KNOW, someone please hand me the Kleenex box. Yes, this is our fourth time going through this and Yes, you can count all the dollars and cents up for sure. No, no.. keep counting. I'm sure you're not there yet and do pass more Kleenex while your at it.

This precious child is ready and quite excited to enter a new phase of life... braces.

Oh how cute can she be! Lina already has a knock 'em dead smile, I can only imagine what 2 years of growing up and straightening out will do. Watch out world, some more pearly whites are about to be flashed. 

And after doing her best to close her mouth without looking like a cow chewing her cud, it was off to celebrate this new era! What more could my chocolate lovin' girl want then a McCy D's chocolate shake.. without the cherry, thank you kindly.

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