Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Sweet Moment in my Christmas Day

Christmas is a great joy for me; all my children, smiling, laughing, just being together, my husband waking up next to me in the morning ready to have coffee, and the joy of opening gifts as a family. We decided to exchange names this year and focus on one person. Boo had my name and was quite creative with her gifts. And you should know Christmas never comes or goes without one session of tears from the Momma. This sweet gift was The One this year. I mentioned to Boo I'd like a Message Bible in passing. We were talking about studying God's Word and the different versions out there. Actually Boo, Lina and I we were looking for a Study Bible for her brother's gift. Little did I know she would tuck that conversation away, find one at a thrift store and create her own cover for me. Boo has an eye for photography and created this out of her own pictures. She found letters to make the spine and personally signed a lovely inscription inside. My very own Gracie-May treasure. Just for me. Always there. Always mine. I love it!

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