Monday, December 24, 2012

Hiking, Getting Lost, and Hiking, NOT Getting Lost


My sweet friend and now hiking buddy, Michele, and I decided we would get some exercise. With all the Holiday treats sitting on my thighs, I was more than ready!  T told me where the trail head was and what to look for. Well, we walked, enjoy the beauty of the area, walked, laughed, and walked some more. We asked ourselves,"Is this was the way to go? It makes a loop, right?" We trudged through snow, up hills, down hill, but never did find grandma's house. The views are amazing, but then again, we are in Colorado. Winter hiking is as great as summertime.

We were soooo lost by now. But what's a girl to do but keep on walking! Ten miles, yes, 10 miles later, we found the car. It reminded me of the marathon training I did with another friend in Cali. :) We hopped in the Subi and drove straight to Starbucks. We decided a smoothie would be less calories than a coffee or at least we hope so!

Today we ventured out again to get some more exercise since we all know how much more has been placed on the table since then and goodness knows I love to laugh with Michele. We ran across this in the snow on our way up Spruce Mtn. It speaks volumes!

Could this be more beautiful? The storm is coming in and we are expecting snow tonight. Yeah! A white Christmas!! This is at the top of the ridge, lovely, just lovely isn't it? and yes we did stop often to play with our IPhone cameras and enjoy the views. But can ya blame us?

We made it without getting lost this time!  Five Miles and some GREAT conversation, just how I like to exercise.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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