Friday, January 18, 2013

My Baby's First Dance

Today is a milestone day. My sweet baby girl is going to her first dance and a formal none the less. Oh, it is with great excitement the girls got ready. Make-up, nails, perfume, hairspray. Okay, let's talk hairspray for a minute. Our oldest daughter, Becca, let Lina in on a little known secret. Apparently if you hairspray your make-up it stays fresh all night. Forget clogging the pours. It's that "look" that must be kept. Uh huh. So back to my list... hairspray, jewelry, pink heels, and a cute party purse. And they're off! The dance is held at a lovely country club in town and believe it or not, does NOT cost a fortune to attend. How's that for a fun night out on the town!

Hollywood, you look Marvelous!

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Shauna Thompson said...

She is such a pretty girl!