Monday, January 28, 2013

Soups On Times 2

Soup. Soup. Soup.

In my attempt to eat more vegetables and less junk dinners, I text my sister-in-law, the cooking guru, and asked for some recipes. She sent me about 10 recipes and after going through them landed on these two for the week. The one is a Pumpkin Chili with Elk and the other is a Butternut Squash with Apple. Boosie helped my chopped and dice.Thanks Boo. I cried a couple times in the process. No, not over sadness or even excitement but over some very ripe onions.

One of my challenges with working full time is finding time to.... well... do ANYTHING! Cooking has taken a back burner and sometimes just burned now that Momma is out of the house all day. T has been a great help but still, this is MY area, not his. I need in a BIG way to This is my attempt at having two meals done and ready to go. Okay. so it isn't a freezer full of meals, I know. But still, a gal's gotta start somewhere. So just clap already for me. That's good. Keep clapping. LOUDER!

Maybe I can get another meal done this week!

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