Saturday, March 30, 2013

French Fries, Good Friday and a Fabulous Dessert

This evening was themed "All things French".  I had just purchased Le Miserable from our favorite local hang-out, I mean grocery store, Wal-Mart. Anyhow, my spontaneous, creative side said, "Hey, let make it a French kind of night." I searched recipes and Lina searched desserts. Creativity flows when I'm on break, don't ya know? She started on her dessert early on knowing we were going to church at 7. I worked on our French Dip sandwiches and French Fries. Easy enough.

 Off to church we went for a very thoughtful reflection of the sacrifice God made on our behalf. Afterwards, we came home and were supposed to watch Le Mis BUT we were all done, spent, tired. Lina had to finish up our amazing dessert, then of course, we had to eat it!  Yes, that is Boo photo bombing in the back ground. Let me just say, my littlest baker is soooo patient and sooo creative. Her daddy declared she needed and R &D budget for these kind of things. Hmmm.. wonder how Buddy would feel about that?

Bonne Nuit!

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