Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Open Road... Just Me and Mr. Jones

And so it begins.... our adventures together on the open road. This weekend was well overdue; T and I haven't escaped for a getaway in months. So looking at the weather, knowing it was going to be glor-i-ous, we made a plan to escape, just us two. Not only was it a getaway, it was our first overnight trip on the bike. We packed light and hit the road.  Ohhhh it was sooo fun!!!! We had such a great time alone; a movie, couples massage, dinner, and the open road. 

After a couple hour ride heading home through the mountains, we were ready for a good cup of coffee, a good stretch for our legs and bootie,  and of course a bear claw from the quaint Donut Mill. It was a bit colder coming home climbing over the Front Range with that crazy like wind!.

I was a brave one! I learned to take pictures going 60 MPH! And yes, even self-portraits.  :)

Coming home we weren't so sure we were gonna make it without hitting rain. But alas, we did and celebrated our first adventure on the open road!

Where to now my dear? 

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