Sunday, May 26, 2013

Movin' on Up!

Time for Hollywood's 8th grade graduation! Oh my, that came upon me mighty quick. Lina is a part of a great community here in town and the graduation was sweet and simple, yet classy.  This was a night of laughter and cheering! Now if our quiet town of Monument would join in, well, our family wouldn't be the only voices heard on the auditorium. 


And here she is! On to another adventure; more stories, more memories.

 Someone, who shall remain nameless, wasn't co-operating. You figure out which one. Uh huh.

 These three have been friends since 3rd grade. They have gone from playing in the mud together to band concerts to now high school. We love E and J! Not only good friends but wonderful neighbors!

 This picture cracks me up. Mason is getting on his GQ look and Lina is so fake smiling. These two!

And now for the real smile. Thank you Hollywood. :)

Congratulations Angelina Rose! What's next? Only more amazing adventures and God's story continuing to unfold for my baby.


teters4 said...

Such great pictures! She's beautiful.

teters4 said...

Great pictures! She's beautiful!