Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Operation Purge

I know I should be writing about our wonderful vacation to Breck and showing you pictures of that but this thing I'm calling Operation Purge is taking over my brain right now. The vacation will have to wait.

On Tuesday the Black Forest fire began and by Wednesday we were concerned enough to leave Breckenridge, drive 2 hours home to see that our dear friends and our son had moved mighty fast on packing our "necessary" items. All we had left was to grab our few remaining "necessary" items and head back up the mountain. When we came back home after a relaxing rest of the week, we had the task of sorting and unpacking. I became all too aware that we had too-much-stuff! It was time to reorganize and purge. We had boxes of memories and files in too many places. We did NOT have our "necessary" items in one central local. So ... my choleric side came roaring out.

Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a super cray-cray woman on organization. I like clean but I do have one too many junk drawers. With that said, the older I get, the more I NEEEED order. Call it menopause. Wal-Mart was happy with my need this week.

Oh, quick diversion. When I started going through all those boxes I found some sweet treasures. This is one Gabriel made his daddy. He gave him two of his cars and if you look closely, there are fans in the crowd cheering them on. Gabe knows his daddy's dream was to drive for Nascar. It took a little while to go through some of the boxes; I was enjoying all my sweet children's' masterpieces and baby clothes.

Okay.. back to the pursuit of organization. This corner became Christmas and K'nex.  I gave Gabriel a bunch of his "necessary" items but kept a few for my grandbabies that I plan to have one day. K'nex being one of them.

Moving on to this corner of the room, we have the beginnings of our Evacuation bins. They are marked with orange duck tape to indicate, "Take Me"! The bins are now clear and easily visible of the stored items, unlike the previous boxes.

This is the teaching pile from my classroom. I am a wee bit overwhelmed by this pile. So we won't talk about it. (said in my high pitch whiney voice)

This pile is for the garage sale. It is an unorganized mess that once organized has some great treasures for some great people. People that will pay me to enjoy such items for years to come.

And this is our duck tape that signifies each child in our home and the "Take Me" orange for the quick escape. We are cutting a square off  an placing it on the bin. If it belongs to a child AND is for the Evac zone, the bin receives 2 colors. Some bins have four colors of tape because it has memories of all four children inside like baby clothes.

I am so organized!

This makes me happy. And one day when I can't process anymore cause I am old and decrepit, my children will thank me for being so thoughtfully organized.

You're Welcome.

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