Saturday, December 28, 2013

Climb Every Mountain.. or just one.


The Incline
 Scary. Intimidating. Hard. Breath-Sucker. 2000ft Gain. Muscle-Maker. Worth It! 

 The last time I did this, I swore that was it. It almost killed me; and that was only half-way up. After time away from this beast, I rethought the mountain and my wimpy 'tude and decided I could do it again. Kind of like having a baby; you forget the pain and go for it one more time! This time though T convinced the youngest to join in. It took some coaxing but she came along, with a smile on her face. Hollywood underestimates herself and her physical ability. She's much tougher than she lets on.

With ear buds in and Beyoncé singin to me, I climbed. It didn't take long before I was remembering the pain of this mountain. Cough, cough, cough. Oh wintertime exercise and coughing! But it is so worth it. Fresh air, warm temperatures and the beauty of Colorado. Honestly, we couldn't believe it was December. My sweet girls would wait for me and I would wave them on. T on the other hand was just climbing! His new bionic hip is serving my man well. He did awesome! I turned off at Bar Trail, same place I stopped last time, which is about the half-way point. The hike down from there is wonderful and the views amazing.

But these two.. whoo hoo!  They kept climbing. Just look at all those stairs!


 Half way point.... made it!

And she did it!!! Hollywood's first time and she did it! If you looked at ALL her hashtags on Instagram you'd think she was dying. Does she look like she's dying?  Her sister, the great motivator, kept her going and I think she's ready to go again!

T took this photo and text it to me while he waited at the top for his girls. Someone decorated a tree at the top of the mountain. How cool is this? I keep thinking about their backpack full of ornaments trudging up the mountain. A nice way to end a Christmas climb.

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