Friday, February 14, 2014

Will You Marry Me?

 February 14th is a day I'll always remember. Terrell proposed to me that day 25 years ago and now our son in keeping with tradition is proposing to his girlfriend. We were shopping together at Christmas time for something completely different when he found a wonderful ring. I don't even know what we went shopping for; must have been Christmas presents. He came home with a nice one! The day came and it was cold. Mary Beth and Jeff came down to be a part of the fun. Gabe took his sweetheart to their favorite restaurant and then called us to say he was on his way. In the mean time we're scurrying around with materials to make his and hers matching trucks look like a "bride and groom". It was a bit breezy and cold but we did our very best. 

 Here he comes! Time to get in place.  I know his heart must have been jumping around inside by now.

Sarahh looks around smiling ear to ear and sees the signs Gabe made for her.  Now we wait....

She said YES!!   


And so they have a day to remember.
Gabriel and Sarahh

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