Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break Fun

Spring Break... Oh the wonders of a break.
Break: rest, do nothing, laugh, relax
And let's just say we were all ready! Becca came in for some family time and family time it was. We snuck away with the girls for a night and just had fun. We went to a delicious dinner, took in a new flick, walked 16th street, talked, and enjoyed just being away. We also decided a movie marathon was in order for the week so a quick trip on our way back into town to our local five dollar bin at Wal-Mart livened up the evenings too. My folks came in for a few days which we loved too! I could go on and on! The week went too fast.
When is summer?


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Kapeine said...

Love seeing the pictures of Mom and Dad! Can't wait to be together again...we actually get to see each other twice in a month and three times in one year. Hallelujah!