Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Tree

This tree... six years of memories. When we moved in our home, the kids were so excited for a tire swing. This giant old pine was perfect! We used it for pictures, watched it stand tall in the wind driven days, be smothered in snow, and be a figure of  all things Colorado. We wondered for years if it was on our property or the lot that was next to ours. See, that lot is empty. OR at least it was until this spring. Sadly, it sold. Now it has stakes marking the boundaries where a home is going. That isn't so bad except that this tree..

This tree is right in the middle of the new driveway. Soon this 150 year old tree will fall and be no more. We did our best to figure out how to save it, even the builder did but there is no other place for their driveway. It was sad to watch the swing come down but then again, life keeps moving forward and change is inevitable. So here we go. More change.

Oh if trees could speak the stories this one could share.

 All good things come to an end....

Good-Bye ol' Tree

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