Monday, July 13, 2015

Oregon Wine Country

Today was all about exploring the Oregon Wine Country. The wine regions in the Pacific North West are broken down into five separate areas I believe. We explored some of the Willamette Valley but particularly Dundee Hills. We barely scratched the surface today hitting only three wineries but really enjoyed the beauty of the area and especially time away with our girl!


Four Graces was by far my favorite of the day. A lovely landscape with a cool breeze, quaint seating plus some very nice wine.

 We could have sat here all day. A little wine, some crackers and cheese, maybe some olives, Cribbage and we'd be all set. But today was about exploring so alas, we had to go.

Our next stop was Little Tuscany or Domaine Serene.  The winery is at the top of a hill with a 360 degree view. This place was spectacular but we felt a bit out of place.  All that was missing was a string quartet. By now we were ready to pull out our baggies of homemade sandwiches and chips but the only thing we saw being pulled out was a plate of cheese and crackers.  So we waited and ate in the car. But first... a flight of wine.

No clue why this not-so-wooly mammoth is here. But there he is, right in the middle of the field.

They were pouring a Rose'  with Rebecca's initial. I was tempted to bring it home but a picture sufficed this time. It was tasty sweet!

Lastly, we went to Durant Vineyards. Another great winery with a pleasant seating area that overlooked the valley.  Each place we went served mostly Pinots and a few Chardonnays.  I'm inclined to say the views and the company far outweighed the wine. I love exploring and experiencing new things, seeing new places and going with the people I love. Just a great day!

Row upon row of breathtaking vineyards. A sea of rich beauty surrounded by trees and blue skies. I think this little jaunt away will be seen again one day soon. So many more wineries to explore!

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