Monday, August 24, 2015

Let's Ride

T and I took to the open road a few Sundays ago. We don't do this often enough, but when we do I am in heaven. I love sitting on my Queen Bee cushion and taking in the world around me with no barriers. No windows, no seatbelts, no distractions.  The wind is sometimes crazy in my face and my hair is usually a mess of knots by the time we arrive but it's worth the small screams of the brush and the recovery chapstick that I pull out of my pocket.

We rode over to Cascade Locks, exploring more of the greater Washington area. This place actually has some historical significance, little did we know, which made this Sunday drive that much more interesting. Me and my love for history!  Our country was transporting cargo, supplies and then some on the Columbia River (think Lewis and Clark ) and this particular section was difficult to pass through so they built a lock system in the late 1800's.  The winds in this part of the Gorge were also crazy. Just down the way were some sailboats enjoying their Sunday afternoon too. 

Had to take a selfie. :)
We worked our way over to this brewery just down from the locks. This place is unique in a couple ways. It's hidden and off the beaten path and it serves free beer to Pacific Coast Trail hikers. The PCT runs through here and hikers know it's a destination point.  We had the pleasure of sharing a table with one such hiker. I wish I had taken a picture but instead we had great conversation. He is from NY and decided it was time for a change. So off he went to hike the ENTIRE trail. He started off in Canada and is making his way to the Mexican border by Thanksgiving. Have you seen the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon? That's what he's doing. Hopefully he doesn't throw his shoes.  We offered him a place to sleep for the night if he found his way to our neck of the woods, gave him our phone number and said our goodbyes. A part of me wanted to go with him. I definitely plan to hike something big like that one day.

So we had a beer, chatted with a few more people, and played cribbage. All this on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was my kind of day.

Time to head home. I was brave and held my phone to catch these shots on the Bridge of the Gods. I kept thinking about how horrible it would be to drop my phone. I quickly tucked it away...

after one last selfie!

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