Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lower Falls... Found It!

I've hiked Round Lake a number of times. It's 1.2 miles around. That I know well. There are offshoots to destinations that I've searched for and have no clue where they are, until today. 

When Reginia was here we searched for Lower Falls, thought we found the trail but low and behold, we did not. 

Terrell and I walked out there today and he's cycled all of the trails. I asked him to take me to these infamous falls. 

And here they are! Gorgeous. Just gorgeous getting back to them. Fall is working its way in the trees and we have a storm blowing through which made the trail more magical. Let's not talk about how slow I had to walk today from my silly back "issue" this week. No matter. It's still worth the walk! 

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