Friday, September 11, 2009

Life Update...

So today is Sept 11, 2009. What's the latest. the down low, the happenins'?

1. College. Gabe is doing well at CSU. He's adjusting and meeting new people. So far so good. Becca is at PPCC and doing well. She is taking three classes this semester and three next. I am taking 5 this semester and have a finish date of December 2010 with my credential in hand. Whoo Hoo.

2. Church. Still love it! Awana started this week and I am leading again. I am also helping with a high school girls base camp. We have met so many wonderful families and now feel connected. T is co-chairing the Men's Retreat.

3.Work. T is still waiting to hear about the layoffs with his job. Round four in one year. I feel okay really. No worries on my part. He is working like a crazy person lately.

4. Home. Still love it. Finished painting most of the main level. Did not get the laundry room done yet. I just don't have it in me to do it. We put up some more lights. Buying them a little at a time. No rush really... I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. yeah stability!

5. Marriage. Almost 20 years... one more month!!! We're going away for a fun relaxing look at each other talk alone eat scrumptious food weekend together. Can't wait. Still a hopeless romantic after all these years.

6. Dog. Still have Charley Girl. She's well but misses Gabe.

7. Homeschool. Oh we have met some great homeschool families and now have fun things to do as well as educational. The older two are in a Precepts Bible class taught by a wonderful women with her M Div. I am teaching a Home Ec course this year too. Boo is no longer at PR for any of her classes but doing it all at home. It's good, real good. God is in this one too. Lina is still at MA for now. I am praying about having her home too. I love homeschooling!!

8. Snow. Can't wait!!! I know some of you think I'm insane but the winters here are amazing!! You don't know what you're missing til you move here.

9. God. My walk with Jesus is good. I hear him, love him, feel him daily. Not always in the Word as I should be or want to be but know He's there. No turning back, no way.. no how.

10. Friends. Love the friends we have now. It takes a while to seek and listen to the direction God is moving. Now that it's been awhile I feel connected, cared for, noticed when absent. Love digging deeper with them and investing in their lives too.

11.Kiddos. They are all good too. Busy busy busy describes life with four children. Boo is on the worship team, Lina is playing flute, Bec is riding again thanks to friends with horses, and my girls bring me great joy and laughs. Not having Gabe here is odd. We miss his antics and funny stories. We miss his presence really. We miss not seeing him come in with a loud "I'm here " and there is a spot missing at the table for dinner but he is ready to fly so fly he must.

Well.. there you go. Life is sweet. Not always easy for sure but wouldn't trade the growth and challenges for what we now have. I pray we continue to walk where God places us and not in our own strength but His alone. For now.. that walk is here.

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whittakerwoman said...

What a fantastic post. Makes me so happy to see you settled! I love it! AND I don't think you are crazy about the snow. I love it too. H