Monday, October 26, 2009

All My Chickies are Home

We had a great family weekend together! Gabe came home from CSU and my nest was full. Ahhh..
Lina was not wanting to smile for the camera. She was finishing a cookie!
Charley went bizerk when Gabe came home. She was in her element and thrilled her Boy was back.

You may recall the sad fireplace story from last winter. Terrell figured out how to fix that thing and YEAH! we hope it works.

Look into my eyes!
Becca and I tried to do a self portrait. Silly girls.

So, the eating cookie thing was still happening. This is our serious look instead. No cookie smiley face.
Lina discovered Line Rider again. The kids were watching her successfully navigate the track.
And here I am trying to get a picture with the college boy. End of the day, just before he left, oh yes I should take some pictures before he leaves, ok stand here. Now take the picture.

All is well.


Reg said...

Fun pictures! What did T do to figure out the fireplace?

Joanna said...

So sweet! T's shirt in the fireplace pic is cool. :)