Thursday, October 29, 2009

And It's Still Snowing

Once upon a time the family went off for a doctor's appointment into the Big City. Who knew it would be blistery cold and fiercely snowing? Off they went on their great adventure in the snow. Good thing Momma has 4 wheel drive.

Stop we say! Yep.. this big fellow wasn't sure if he wanted to stop or come on through the intersection.

Could it be that on this fine adventurous day, we also visit the infamous DMV. Of course we do. What else is there to do on a snowy sort of day? Look out world, Boo has her permit!

The mighty white beast made it there and back again with no problem. A lift kit would be nice though. Hmmm.. how do I break that to my husband? Sometimes it was a little slower but we did it! The snow in Monument is about 15 inches or more and still coming down. Two "snow days".. you know, NO SCHOOL and maybe three.

Could it be that Charley Girl is looking for her neighbor friend the Lab Dixie? Please go play Dixie, Charley needs exercise!

Back porch with BIG snow drifts

So our adventure is done. Stew is in the pot and cornbread a comin' up next. The wind is howling and the fire a blazing. Well, not really cause we still have smoke issues but it sounds good for the story don't you think?

Brrrrrr... such a blustery sort of day!

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Reg said...

So amazing!!! Congrat's Boo! Are you really old enough for your permit?