Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Through the Years...Happy 20th Anniversary!

October 28, 1989 is a day I will always remember. The morning was crisp with a slight mist in the air. Our wedding was at 11:00am. We arrived at the church around 8am to get ready and for an early start with pictures. Big hair and mauve were the thing of the 80's. We couldn't ask for a better day. God's presence was all around us as we celebrated the beginning of our life together.

Terrell has always been a sports car guy. This is our fun honeymoon vehicle. Talk about Love..he turned this over to me while we were dating cause I didn't have reliable transportation. Oh yes! My speedster days were fun. No tickets though. July 1990
We have a favorite spot in California. The Narrow Gauge Inn is in Fish Camp, a tiny mountain community outside of Fresno. We went here for our first date, honeymoon night, and our first anniversary. This is October 1990. I was three months pregnant with Gabe. I was so tired but we just had to go out. You don't just let your 1st anniversary pass by. And those pants Terrell is wearing..he wore those on our first date and I won't let him get rid of them. So...they hang in his closet, just for me!
We had just had Becca in August of 1992 and snuck away for a night in October in Palm Springs.

Williamsburg. We traveled together one year to the east coast for a great get-away. I love traveling with Terrell. We laugh, hold hands, talk...uninterrupted, and always, always, talk about how much we miss the kids!
Lake Tahoe. Our favorite California city.
Disneyland 2007

Lake Tahoe. Another fun anniversary trip. Terrell surprised me with a wonderful place in Tahoe. Fall there can either be perfectly crisp or blizzardly cold.

Oh the family is so young here! One October we had a Harvest Party with a bunch of friends.
Check out that RED hair! When we moved to Colorado I went red since no one knew me. It was fun while it lasted. I love the goatee on Terrell. Oh man!

Summer 2008. Still smiling. Good thing we both had braces. LOL.
New Years Eve 2008
September 2009
Same sweater! What's up with that? We celebrated My B'day in Denver this year.

So here we are 20 years, 10+ moves, 7 houses, 3 dogs, and 4 amazing children later. I love you Spike Harry Jones. So glad you're mine. Let the adventure continue.


Smithlings said...

CONGRATS, you two, who are really one!

Have a blessed day!



Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

HA! I sent you an anniversary note on the 22nd! That date belongs to another couple we know! Two in fact! Sorry, I should know!!!

We Love you guys, happy, happy anniversary! Love the pics, ha ha I remember T's pants!!
Tina, you were a beautiful bride!
Fun times, fun times.

Hope you're having a great day!

Reg said...

Nice picture journey. So fun to see what we all looked like way back when! Hope you all had a great day.

Luke said...

Happy Anniversary!