Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Morning Complaints

The dog who woke me up in the wee hours. I quitely told my husband... "You can have a glass of milk now."

It's 6:32am. I have been awake since O' Dark Early tossing and dreaming. Dreaming of pain actually. Why you ask? Cause I was in pain there in my bed and my subconscious had had enough so it decided it was time to alert me to it. I told myself to take something before bed but did I? NOOOOO. Now I have only myself to thank for the long day ahead of me. And my mattress.
I know I shared but here it is again.... My left shoulder did some weird thing when we moved to Colorado and during therapy, yes you heard me, DURING therapy, I fell down the stairs, mind you it was only THREE stairs, but those three stairs did enough damage to ruin many nights sleep and cause me not to turn my neck to the left for more than five minutes and cause my right arm to cry out Help me! Help Me! and my hands to fall alseep many times a day. Yes, please stand to the right of me if we are talking, thank you very much. Why isn't it fixed??? Why am I not all better?? Well, our insurance sucks now. Sorry to be blunt but that is the only word for the expense it cost us monthly and still we have 40.00 co-pays for anyone who could even think of helping me. So I went to the Chiro a few times. Ch ching... I could go to physical therapy 3 times a week.. ch ching. Instead... I am hoping for a miracle. I may need to drag by booty in and ask for an MRI. I just don't have a family doctor.. only specialist! I don't think my GYN would want to discuss a shoulder and neck issue. Oh yes speaking of my amazing GYN.. I love the 40's. Oh sweet Jesus, the fun it brings! I know sarcasm all a round. Another fine reason I don't sleep...from mid-cycle to the visit of Mother Nature, I sleep less and less and ache more and more. Now isn't that a pleasant thought? Why is it that we women must keep up a monthly ritual when we are done having kids? Why I ask, why?
So here I am drinking coffee, and let me tell you a LOT of coffee will pass over these lips today. I am dreaming of the spa we need to help me out but instead will stand in the shower until all the hot water is gone. It looks like Frodo is about to step out of my backyard with the morning moisture. Where is the sun these days? My dog barked AGAIN at the milk delivery guy. Umm... He delivers in middle of the night. ( Highlight: We have milk! Ran out last night.) And my husband leaves for Hong Kong Saturday morning. I really needed to sleep well so I could be NICE to him. He deserves NICE.
There you go. The cheery optimist that I am is complaining. I know, I have much, oh so much, to be thankful for but this morning... I am in pain and quite frustrated. Better to get it on paper or screen in this case then bark at my family.
"Gray skies are gonna clear up.. Put on a happy face."

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klinsfamom said...

It's all good ... complaining is human! I hope you feel better soon.