Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm So Pickin' Tired of This

I am tryin' so pickin' hard to not be a whiner baby but I tell you what... When we moved here I was enthralled with the weather and HOPED, really hoped, I would always love it. We have been here 2 1/2 years and I am about to from being in the house FREEZING my katooshy off. Good thing my house is big. Good grief. It is currently 43 degrees and it snowed again last night. Just a little but any is too much on April 26th. I want to walk out and see flowers, especially roses. I want to put cotton sheets on instead of flannels, I want to open the windows instead of checking the heater, I want to drink sweet tea instead of hot coffee all day. I want to put away theses wool socks already. I want to sit on my swing on the back porch instead of looking at it through the window. Can it please get warm? Enough Already.


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

That's how we feel here about the rain lately... Showers with thunder storms 50's... then 78 degrees. Than two days later another storm 54 degrees... then back to 70's. Today it's suppose to be 85!! But tomorrow, back to the rain for two days and back down to the 60's! Spring?? Where are you?
I know its not the same as the snow, but when you plant flowers you still don't want them drenched!
And if it helps...we still have on the flannel sheets too! I almost changed them to the cotton this morning but with the 60's coming, nope, not quite yet.
Turn on the praise music sister, just praise Him!

klinsfamom said...

But look at the gorgeous spots of sunshine and blue sky peeking through those beautiful pine trees!
I hear you loud.and.clear. Tina.