Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Ain't in Colorado No More

Now where do we go???

Can I live here???
Nope. We went to the big state of Missouri for college stuff for Becca. Through beautiful Kansas and into Fulton we went. Wow. What a trip. We saw the campus, met new faces, she signed up for classes, ate too much junk, and could not, I repeat, we could not find a home church for her to attend. We heard from someone that Campus Crusade for Christ is in on campus. Gotta do me some research. Oh dear me. Town is sketchy but the campus is great. Becca said she'll stay on campus. HA! Horses are amazing. 157 on campus! Time to pray and figure this one out.

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teters4 said...

The pictures are just beautiful! What an equistrian center...amazing!