Sunday, June 5, 2011

4x4 Cruiser Knuckle Joint Rebuild

My husband is The Man. He is very gifted with his hands and his ability to tear a truck down and put it back together. No missing parts laying around afterwards. :) He is also gifted with patience. He has this very cool 97 FJ and it was time for a knuckle rebuild. I offered my help anyway he needed me. So, out in the garage I went to watch, to listen, to learn, and according to my very patient husband, ask way too many questions. T kept saying,"Ask the engineers." No wonder my science teachers always looked at me with this far off stare. But I just GOTTA know how and why things do what they do. And during some stages of this project it felt like needle point. Umm.. I hate needle point. The details overwhelmed me as T went step by step to get this project done precisely as it needed to be. I decided my future as a mechanic isn't in the cards. I do however make a great helper! And yes, I am still full of questions.

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