Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Midgey

I promised a post on the buggies that caused us to leave early from our Memorial Day camping adventure. So Little Midgey isn't just a twin or triplet. No, he is a millionet. Okay, I know that's not even a word but that's what we saw. Bug after bug after bug after BUG, flying around, in and on ev.ery.thing. So in the camper we went.

They don't bite. They just get in your face like a bad conversation you can't escape from.

And of course the "pott-tey" is outside. I braved it and ran like a crazy woman.

And then there's Becca... she decided to cover everything and hoped she could see well enough not to fall on her way over! Bahahah. So the adventure was cut short. Off to home we went after only 24 hours of the first camping trip of the season to a place where Midgey doesn't live. Check this place OFF your camping list. Not worth fighting those little buggers.

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