Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Thankful

I'm sitting on my back porch swing, drinking my morning coffee, reflecting on the patience of my Lord. So thankful.

The birds are chirping a bit in the background, my dog is looking for squirrels to chase, and the tall pines are shading me a tad bit from the sun. It's a beautiful clear morning here in Colorado. I can't help but think about a conversation we had the other night with one of our daughter's friends about life changing decisions. Coming to Colorado was a life changing decision we made almost 4 years ago now. It was pondered for years, prayed about, and pondered some more. Yes, most definitely a hard decision. We left a lot behind in California. We had a good home church. We had friends whom we love. We lived in a beautiful, thriving town. Nothing about the move was a reflection of where we left but instead, where we were going.

Funny thing about change. Sometimes you ask yourself,"So we did this why?" We've had many a moment when we asked ourselves just that. Did we really miss the mark God pointed to that much or is this hard place a part of the journey. I've come to realize, it's soo a part of the journey. Growth comes from hard places. Making hard choices hurts, sometimes terrifies, and sometimes causes depression. But it doesn't change the fact that it was a right decision. I'm not sure who said life is a bowl of cherries. If it is, you still have to deal with the pits.

Time. Time allows healing to enter your heart and resonate with your soul. I find this is where I am this morning. The last few years I've had so much change that there hasn't been time to stop and catch my breath. I jumped into finishing college shortly after moving here. I sent kids off to college. I brought kids home from college. I watched my husband move his job home full time. That can be a post all unto itself! I home-schooled my daughter. I coached my kids, encouraged, counseled and prayed for my kids. I shoveled snow. I painted a 3500 square feet home. Okay, my girls helped me a ton. I was physically struggling with pain that couldn't be explained. I watched our friends leave our church. I started working. I mean, come on. How much more can one really do in a short time frame? And I thought the toddler years were busy. But here I am. I made it through.

I thought for sure that when I went back to Cali this summer I would want to move back and do it, like, yesterday! I only came home realizing how much MORE we belong here. This is my home. God's plan for my family is here. Yes, the winters can be long. Yes, my sister and parents are way too far away. No, the state doesn't have everything I want. Want being the optimum word here. But no place is perfect. It just isn't. We make choices that impact our lives. But when God is in it. When God speaks and we actually obey, no matter how difficult or painful the season may be, there is blessing that comes. God proves himself over and over. I just need time to realize it. (So three plus years is a bit long, but hey, I'm here now.) I need to be reminded of His goodness. I need time to reflect and quiet my soul long enough to pay attention. Busyness has been such a distractor in this season. God doesn't squirm, I do. I suspect you do too when it get a bit uncomfortable.

God proves himself over and over. He really does.

Reality Check:

Where are you today? Are you in a hard spot that you want to be done with already? Do you need to make a hard decision and you're dragging your feet? I want to encourage you to find a quiet place and be still. Pray for wisdom, pray for His voice to be clear. Open His word and read His truth. You'll find courage and strength once again. He will prove Himself to you too, just like He did for me.

Thanks for Listening,
Tuna Jones

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