Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bedroom Re-Do

When Terrell travels, I get creative. This time I decided to make our master bedroom much nicer and more welcoming. It all happened by happenstance really. I have looked for black and white bedding for a while and knew what I wanted but was not willing to pay gazillions of dollars. I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart the Monday T left town and I wondered aimlessly around. Now remember, my Wal-Mart is clean and oh so beautiful. This is a small town and they are determined to stay in business. I, for one, visit them daily. I came across this black and white set marked wayyy down... $40.00.. let me here a shout out..uh huh. I grabbed it and went home with a plan. I went back to the store, Wal-mart that is, and bought paint and supplies. The project began. The house was a disaster the rest of the week and my GIANT school project due Sunday was on hold. By Thursday, the girls jumped in to save their flailing mother and we finished just before Bible study. I bought new knobs, a new light (still waiting to be hung), hooks for T's hats, we oiled every piece of furniture just like my Mom taught me..thanks Mom, we vacuumed in places that missed daylight for two years and Wa La! It was perfect. T was "scheduled" to come home Friday... just enough time to clean the rest of the tornado struck home. At 9pm that Thursday night we come driving up into the garage and Lina says Dad's home! I said so calmly while focusing on pulling my beast into the garage, " No, he's coming tomorrow." She proceeded, "No, he's HOME." I looked over on the front porch and there he was!! I was so excited we finished our project, so excited he was home early, and so distraught the rest of the house was horrifically messy! Terrell loved what I did with our own space and could care less the rest was a mess. Oh baby.. we've come so far in 20 years of marriage!

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