Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me and My Girls..Guatemala Bound

Yep... my true love and passion is becoming a reality. Since I was young I wanted to be overseas making a difference in peoples lives for Jesus..... then I got married to an amazing, loving, Christ follower who did not want to go overseas. Our deal: If the opportunity presents and God blesses it.. go for it! It took 20 years of marriage but it's finally happening. Becca, Boo, and I are going to Guatemala with our high school group this summer. I can't wait! Passport in hand, skirt in the suitcase, Bible tucked in backpack, let's go!
We leave July 23rd and come back July 31st. We covet your prayers for each of the team members and the family left behind. We covet your prayers for God's Spirit to go before us and prepare the way. We covet your prayers for details to be clear and finances to be available.
We are sending out letters to raise our support and also doing whatever we can here. My Becca makes one FINE from scratch, thank you very much, chocolate cake. We are selling those to make money and cleaning houses, anything and everything. We are also taking gift offerings for those led to do so. Our goal is 3900.00 for all three of us.

So excited!! Can't wait!

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