Friday, March 12, 2010

Laptops x 2

Our family has been functioning with one, count it ONE, laptop. Mind you T has his work laptop and his desk top but us ladies, we are sharing one single ol' laptop. I tried not to complain, really I did, but when three of us have papers, school work, and anything else a computer requires, it is always a juggling act. So finally, we were able to budget for a laptop for me. The BIG argument, I mean discussion :) was Hp or Apple? Hp or Apple?? Hp won out this time. I know, I know.... all you Apple fans but Hp had a sweet deal and when your man works for them too... well, you go with the crowd. Cool thing is Becca got one too! We were so excited when they arrived but with T out of town we had to wait for awhile to open our packages. Oh I'm thrilled to call this white machine my own. All mine!

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