Monday, November 8, 2010


For Boo that is! Today she got her Colorado drivers license. It was no easy feat, for sure. One year of holding a permit. 50 hours of driving. 6 hours of driving behind the wheel with a "professional" coach. (All that means is that "they" own a company that owns a car that drive kids around for 6 hours and charge you 300 plus dollars. ) And after paying way too much money for all this we waited in DMV for 2 hours. While there we saw one lady collapse on the ground, a couple eager teenagers take a driving test, many MANY people on their cell phones passing time, and all the while waiting for our number to be called. I wonder when the car was invented if Mr. Ford knew the DMV would become a bureaucracy full of slow people. Hmmm...

5 more years and I get to do this all over again.... for the last time.

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