Friday, November 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Simple Woman's Daybook November 12, 2010

Outside my window.... There is just a tiny bit of snow left on the ground. The sun is shining brightly but it is chilly out today.

I am thinking... lately my thoughts are going towards the Holiness of God. I've been really contemplating how a Cool Jesus resonates today with churches but somehow we forget that God is Holy. I am in awe this week of my Lord.

I am thankful for... family. I treasure my family and really miss my kids that are away for school this year. I love the joy each child brings to me and the blessing my husband is daily.

From the learning rooms.. oh this week I have been working on my senior project. Digging into the hows of it and finding challenges along the way. Lina is learning about Lively Verbs and Exponents this week. We started reading Voyages of the Dawn Treader together too. I want her to finish it before it hits the theatre.

From the kitchen...This week I made a turkey for lunch meat. I feel accomplished having that in the freezer. I baked a Pecan Pie.. just baked, not prepared. :) It was so tasty! And my next challenge is to can pumpkin and apples.

I am wearing... jeans, a shirt that is really comfy but I wonder if I people think I'm pregnant. Being short and wearing an empire waist doesn't always go together. Eh.. let them think. I'm comfortable. And I'm wearing my most comfortable brown boots.

I am reading... This week I started a book study on the book of Revelation for my quiet time. I am also reading Suze Orman. We are determined to be completely debt-free and live that way. We're getting there slowly and surely. Yep.. found her books at the Thrift store. SCoooRE!

I am going... to some friends for a tri-monthly gathering. We love to get together but can't seem to make it happen more than 3 times a year. Not much else going on this weekend. Ahhh...

I am hoping... that my uncle is completely well when we see him soon. He is my favorite uncle and has been kind of under the weather. Well, his heart has been. I'm looking forward to seeing them all in a few weeks and getting a BIG family fix.

I am hearing... my husband's Pandora playing beautiful jazz and my daughter's Ipod playing Rock n Roll.

Around the house... oh we've done a lot lately. We organized the storage room, purged once again, set up my desk and I cleaned out the laundry room too. It was out of control and so unsightly. Not anymore!

A picture worth sharing..
Today I picked up some pumpkins and apples from a gal at our church. They have a pumpkin patch every fall and I was very exctied to get some leftovers. The apples were a special surprise. I went there to get pumpkins and came home with a bunch of apples for applesauce and apple butter!

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