Sunday, November 28, 2010

St. Louis

One thing I was determined to do this trip was to take the girls to the Arch. I went there as a child and I wanted my kids to see it too. The weather was great for a late November day. We headed into St. Louis excited for an adventure together.

And boy was I excited when we saw this! We had to stop, get our wine allotment, cereal, and chocolate advent calendars for the girls. I was sad to only buy 3 this year instead of 4. We thought of our missing appendage (Gabe) often during this trip.

First stop downtown... Marriott Hotel/ St. Louis Train station. This reminded me of Narnia. Gorgeous!

There is a mall inside this place too. And when did Lina get so tall??

These stair bannisters were screaming,"Slide down me!" So they did!

Lina found herself in a painting on the wall. Of course the young girl is eating ice cream. :)

Isn't this so Narnian? Okay... maybe it's my vision of the train station. This is the lobby to the Marriott. Beautiful, for sure.

My girls make me laugh. Bec and Boo are taking serious shots in the serious chair.
This was a great way to start our adventures. Next stop... Down Town!

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