Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bumper and Boys... I mean Men

Girls decorate, blog, paint, walk and TALK, play Bunco, and of course, shop. they off-road, bike, talk football, do the girls Honey-Do's, work really REALLY hard for the girls shopping, decorating and general well being of the family.... and some boys, some boys make bumpers. At least mine does.
My husband loves his truck. Actually, we all do. It's tough, rugged, and an overall tank. Here in Colorado Landcruisers are as popular as milk and cookies. This man of mine has plans for his 97 Cruiser. New stereo: check. Bumper: in progress. Amazing friend who also has a Cruiser and LOVES truck stuff as much as mine: check.
These men love this truck stuff so much they were in sub zero temperatures, for reals, Below Zero this week welding, measuring and installing. Gotta love determined men.
Here's to long life for the Cruiser.

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