Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Ministry of Babysitting

Soap Box Time... get ready.

As a mom of four I really appreciated having trustworthy babysitters. I got advice from other moms to understand what I should expect from the girls who took care of my most prized treasure. I set my standards and found girls I trust. T and I knew the importance of dating and setting an example for our kids of a healthy marriage.

So as our girls grew up and started babysitting themselves we had a few rules.

1. The mom would bring our daughter home from the job.
2. The dad could bring our daughter home IF there was someone else in the car.
3. Our daughters would not set a wage.

Let's focus on number 3.

The question always goes,"So, what do you charge?" Our answer is always, "Pay what you can."

This drives some families crazy so we go on to explain why. So here's my soap box.

Your marriage is very important. One day my girls will need a babysitter they can trust and may not have the "going rate" to pay someone. We look at this as an opportunity to bless you. Pay what you can and DON'T overpay. They will one day need the same blessing.

Let me say.. I have made my girls take money back before. You heard me, back. I am appalled when I hear how much some babysitters charge. It free money, no taxes taken and usually not a hard job. Now granted, some families can afford more than others but let's be real. Everyone NEEDS a night out with their husband or wife. If young girls are charging a fortune it really robs the couple of the blessing.

I spoke to a sweet mom today about life, kids, and marriage. After a few minutes I asked, "Do you guys date?" She said,"No, not really. Trying to find someone we can afford for all our kids is tough." I immediately told her to call my daughter.

I can not tell you how many moms I know with little ones who pay WAY too much for babysitting or can't go at all.

Makes me sad.

If you have a daughter who is of babysitting age, for goodness sakes, teach her, no... show her the blessing of dating and the importance of blessing others. Go on dates with your main squeeze and then when she is ready to babysit instill in her the ministry of babysitting.

We have a family verse we live by, chosen many years ago when our kids were tiny. I think it sets an example to our kids in all aspects of life..including the ministry of babysitting.

Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Okay, I'll climb down now.

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