Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blind Tasting

Every so many months we gather with our friends for dinner and fellowship. What started off as "the men wanting the women to get to know each other" has turned into a very fun couples night out. This month The H Family hosted and did a blind wine tasting. Now this was no easy feat.. was it smooth, aromatic and spicy or deep red with a hint of bacon? We picked price category and region of the world too. It was way too much fun! Best of all was seeing the analysis paralysis or the spontaneous choosing among us all. I did fairly well, I'd say. Didn't win the contest but had fun trying!

Here are the 5 wines for the evening.... Number 4 was amazingly de-lic! My fav for sure.

We had breads and cheeses to cleanse ze pal.ate along.. Get a little wine tasting in and the humor starts coming out. Lots of great laughter makes the heart merry.

Spin, Swirl, Taste... Nah, it didn't help his game. But he sure looks good.

And then to finish of the evening, the kids did their own taste test with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Angelina, our sugar cynosure, loved it!

Next time we host... there's already talk of Beer Tastings!

Oh. The best wine of the night, in case you were waiting for the punch line, a Merlot: Mangess from Napa Valley, CA and was $17.09. So there ya go. You don't even have to do a tasting to get a good recommendation. I did it for you. Enjoy!

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