Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Girls Night In

Angelina has been planning a Girls Night In for months... in her mind and quite often OUT LOUD, verbally, long dissertations of dialogue, with me. Finally, Finally, she was able to send her Evite and have a real live party! Great thing is, all the girls were able to make it. They brought their American Girl dolls, swim suit for spa-ing, and sleeping bags for talking, I mean sleeping.

She decided for dinner that breakfast was in order. So I made a nice spread of sugary sweet food with a twist of protein thrown in. Sugary sweet cereal, donuts, eggs, bacon, strawberries, bananas, and juice. The girls all wanted 1 favorite cereal so in the bowl went their names so I could draw the BIG WINNER.
Miss A was the winner. She loves the chocolate milk the Puffs make.

The girls all squeezed in a five person spa and made it a nine person spa.

And Ninja tag.. of course!

Silly Girls! They had a blast and I love seeing happy smiles on these sweet girls faces.

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