Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where Did all this STUFF Come From?

Really? Can one closet hold enough stuff for two closets. Apparently it can.

I am cleaning and de-cluttering each closet and cupboard. A little each day makes my life feel more in order. Well, at least the house will have order. Today's task.. this fine baby. What's in there you ask?

* Enough crayons and markers for a classroom

*Art paper for too many

* Party supplies

* Easter Eggs

* Bathroom Curtains

*Binders.. a WHOLE SHELF FULL with school work in each one of them

*Gift bags

*A Missing CD game: Age of the Empires

Shall I go on? Too Much Stuff. It's ridiculous. So, out it goes. So far, two garbage bags full and bins will organize what I must keep.

Ta da! The unorganized soul is getting herself whipped in shape.

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