Saturday, March 12, 2011

Woodpecker GO AWAY !

Every spring our friend, Woody, comes back for a brief visit. Brief as in a month or so. Not so brief in that he wakes us up O'Dark Early by pecking away on the metal stack to the fireplace. This pecking is his,"Hey Baby, springs here. I'm ready for ya!" call to all the local single Woodpeckers. But Woody is gonna have to find something else to peck to get his Sweetheart this spring. We being of greater intelligence and creativity, plan on him going away ... like today. So the husband got his genius cap on and made a protective screen so Woody can't get to our metal stack. I don't care if he visits a tree; goodness knows we have a TON out back! But, sleep.. now that's a commodity these days.
Bye Woody!

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