Wednesday, December 24, 2014

160 Acre Search for the Perfect Tree

Winnie the Pooh lived in the Hundred Acre Woods and I am sure he would have approved of this 160 acre farm we explored. Our Christmas trees past have been from Oregon most of the time so moving here to Washington got me super excited about cutting down our own tree. We were told about this little treasure up the road from us about 20 minutes. Now normally we get our tree on December 1st but with Boo's graduation we waited this year. And wouldn't you know it, we were the only ones searching for that perfect tree.  And there were too many Perfects to decide on!

This here is Elvis the miniature donkey. He was our welcomer to the farm. Is that a word... welcome-er?

So after receiving instructions as to where we would find the four varieties they grew here at Washougal River Road Tree Farm, off we went. Axe in hand and tree carrier in tow. After searching this part of the farm, we found the trees gorgeous but too short for our liking. So we sent the girls back to the farmer to ask where the TALL trees are on this land. Hey, the price is all the same, a whopping 30 bucks. We were searching for THAT tree.

 Too Short
Too Thin
Too Small

Just right! And the selfie proves just how right.

 Honestly all the trees were beautiful. After a while we started laughing cause they all looked so good. How to decide!!! The sun was setting so we finally said, "This one!"

 Oh my, oh my! I love this man and am determined to get a picture every now and then with him. He on the other hand doesn't always like it when I NEED a picture. And he bought me my camera. I had no clue this is what he did until I looked at the pictures today. LOL!!

He still makes me smile.
 Now to cut the tree. First Lina tried.
Then Bec, then T took over.
A little exaggerated but it was not wanting to leave the tree farm.
Finally we have our tree! What a blast the whole experience was for our family. I think next year I may get two trees. Oh to find TWO perfect trees.

Charley thinks it's a mighty great tree too all tucked in the corner.
Oh Christmas tree, OH Christmas tree.
How lovely are thy branches... and fresh.
Merry Christmas!

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