Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve 2014 ... in Washington state this time. So many changes since this time last year in Colorado and settling in here, celebrating Christmas is all a part of our new adventure. We had family arriving on Christmas day so I decided to make our big dinner on Christmas Eve.

Turkey in the roaster, ham in the oven and sweet potato casserole done, green bean casserole done and mashed potatoes on the stove top. Rolls waiting to go in the oven. Almost done! Yumm!!

The Christmas Eve presents were ready to be delivered. Santa dropped these off early. We do love our traditional jammie delivery every year.

Santa's helper chicks sent T and I a special delivery too!  I love, love me some jammies like really love them. I look at new jammies in the store before I look for new clothes. Call me crazy but being cozy comfortable is well... cozy comfortable.

 Time to model
and pose
 and be silly
and hug their daddy.
Time for Santa to come!!!
Merry Christmas Eve!!

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