Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Party Time!

Now that the graduation ceremony is over, it was time to celebrate! We were walking distance from the hotel to many great restaurants and the convention hall. I love parking and walking any time I can. Thankfully Connor and Bec walked down the street to the Cheesecake Factory after the graduation to get our name on the list while we checked out of the hotel.  By the time we sat down, any and all food sounded great. It was scrumptious!! Now it was time to scurry down the highway to Monument, pick up the cake, and celebrate some more!

Let them eat cake! It was de-lic-ous!

 Boo had so many great friends come and celebrate her big day and of course it gave us a chance to hug a bunch of necks we hadn't seen since we moved.

 A blessed day of family, friends and joy! What a perfect day for our girl.

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