Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elizabeth Grace-Marie.... College Graduate!

Here we are 20 years and three months to the day of our Boo's birth and she graduated from college. When she was born, Elizabeth was our observer. She took her own sweet time to sit up, walk and even talk. This one took life in stride and loved being our little Boosie Girl, loved being carried and loved being taken care of by her brother and sister. I can see Becca in my mind dragging Boo around in her car seat from room to room as a baby. She was always easy going and the easiest for me to home school. Boo struggled with reading comprehension in her primary years and was actually intuitive enough to tell me flat out, "I am not comprehending this." After a few years of diligence, she was THE best in the family at understanding what she read. She fell in love with words in high school. I remember her telling me the word of the day from Dictionary.com and what it meant. I also remember her using these new found words in sentences. The rest of us would stare at her until she told us what they meant. So it's no wonder that she earned her college diploma in English Writing with an ESL emphasis. Boo also fell in love with Spanish, taking her first class with Gabe and Bec at the early age of 3rd grade with Ms. Rosa. She traveled abroad to Spain this spring, beginning what I believe to be a lifetime of adventure. Part of her program with CU Denver  also earned her a minor in International Studies. So this sweet, musical, artistic child of mine decided that taking her time wasn't necessary any longer and ran through four years of college. Ok it felt like that to me. She studied hard and worked hard for four years. We couldn't be more proud. It is so awesome to watch your children blossom into who they are meant to be; God's plan unfolding and we have the privilege of joining in.
So here we sit with thousands of other waiting for that one name to be said and watching intently at the jumbo screen for that one smiling face.

Some of us decided playing 2048 was okay too while we waited. :)
And here she is!!! We screamed, clapped, and joined the celebration.

 This daddy is a proud man. He loves his girl!

 Denver was exceptionally warm this fine December day. No coats necessary. CrAzy!

Miss Brittany flew in from California to share this day with our girl. Loved the girl giggles and smiles!

 And this one.. well, he was a trooper! Woke up super early just to drive up and watch her smiling face walk across the stage. He also helped save tables all day for me when we needed to get somewhere fast. Thank you Connor for being such a great friend to our girl.

 She did it! Whoo HOO!!!!

 I saw this sign and said,"Boo, quick! Pose!"  She later said,"Why is Handel spelled wrong?"  I guess classical music was missed somewhere along that educational road. 

We love you Elizabeth! You are a beautiful woman and God's plan for you is mighty.
Congratulations sweet girl!
CU Denver Graduate

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